Knowing and Managing Your Bone Health is Important

Prostate cancer and treatments will increase your bone risk and can lead to fractures.

Prostate Cancer Bone Risk

Bone loss can lead to fractures and other skeletal related events (SREs)

Symptoms of Bone Loss

Patients may have bone problems but not have any symptoms

Talk with Your Doctor

Patients should talk with their doctors about their bone health and risk


Your doctor may prescribe a bone treatment agent


A bone mineral density test helps determine your bone

Bone Density Test

A bone mineral density test helps determine your bone health 

Video Presentation

Presentation by Dr. Keith Crawford to prostate cancer patients and survivors

Exercise and Nutrition

 Exercise in order to fight fractures and reduce falls 

Jesse’s Story

Jesse Penn was diagnosed with prostate cancer 18 years ago

Bone Health Brochure

 Free brochures for patients, support groups, and doctors’ offices


PHEN issues periodic bone health alerts to raise patient awareness

About PHEN

PHEN’s goal is to educate about and end the African American prostate cancer disparity.

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